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Since I was four years old, I’ve had a life with horses—from my first pony to my Registered Paint, competing in local shows and the largest youth fair in the Midwest.  Life took me from there to California to Puerto Rico (with my horse Woodstock), where I soon learned the feeds, supplements and other equine products I’d come to know and trust just weren’t available. 


The LucKy Horse was born out of necessity, and it has become such a joy to introduce products to horse owners here that they’ve never before had the benefit of seeing and using; products that are natural, effective, and affordable.  High-quality tack, equipment, riding, and equestrian lifestyle apparel are also in the lineup now.


Five years later have added two more horses, SuVee and Potencial, to join Woodstock in my little herd.  The three of them are the best LucKy Horse ambassadors—shining examples of what quality nutrition and targeted supplementation can do to support optimum health and longevity.  When someone says “thank you” to me, my reply is that it’s truly my pleasure to do what I do, and help their horses thrive.


Every horse can be a LucKy Horse!

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